Therapist on YOUR Tabletop!

ZOTTZ can provide hundreds of hours of fine motor skill Occupational Therapy to your child. Place ZOTTZ on your tabletop in your home, turn it on. It is battery powered, runs up to 8hours on a charge, completely safe, a 3D iPad.

It has ambience. Cadence Software synced to your child’s senses.

It flashes it’s ten LED’s in soothing sequences enticing your child to interact.

Once he or she holds PENCIL properly, two finger grip, bilateral coordination, or

presses on GRIPS

pinches both buttons at the same time on PINCHER or

holds SCISSORS properly and presses down

ZOTTZ comes to light playing nursery rhymes, music sequences to motivate, entice and encourage your child.

This is positive feedback, sensory integrative therapy.


Now the child is curious, presses again, and viola, more music, more soothing LED sequences.

ZOTTZ was developed by Zarrar, my Autistic son starting at age 6, developed from the point of view of a toddler, and child on the Spectrum. That’s why it works!